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In the Jewish culture,Women are required to wear a wig,also called "sheitel" to cover their hair after getting a way to express their modesty. As time went by,this kind of wig gradually got assimilated into the Western world with more and more women embracing the practice.In the moredern world,women choose to wear a Jewish wig to achieve achic,fashionable appearance.As a professional Kosher wig wholesale manufacturer and Jewish wigs supplier,we have a strict management of raw hair material. We only use raw ponytails,no touch,and every single ponytail is handpicked by our experienced experts to ensure the hair is thin,soft, and undyed

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As a Jewish Kosher wigs manufacturer and suppliers with more than a decade of experience in the wig industry. All the Jewish Kosher wigs from our factory are lightweight,soft,and highly comfortable which is to the great benefit of weares of all ages.

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We also offer variety of toopers including Silk top,lace top,machine top,whopper top,Mono top
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