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by LiuKun 21 Nov 2022


Wigs are't a modern invention,and it can be dated to Ancient Egypt with dual purpose:protect shaven scalps from the sun for the people who is an elite of Egyptian society due to the Egypt's strict social hierarchy.Another, it also helpes maintain hygiene levels by reducing the incient of head lice. 

As the time goes into 21th century, wig has become an one of the popular fashion assescories as well as for the mdeical purpose.Mostly, the high quality raw hair comes from East Aisan countires, and China was the top global exporter of human hair products.In the Chinese human hair factory,they source hair from local Chinese sources and international hair donors in India,Cambodia,Brazil,and Peru. Also, with hair industry development,Chinese skilled worker for hair product has become more professional and knowledgeable.Nowandays, human hair factory in other countires such as Indian,Vietnam are following up which has become a big competitors to Chinese factory. 

However, in the sheitel(Jewish wig)market,Chinese factory still keep its own advantage than their competitiors. Due to the reglion purpose, Jewish women needs to wear sheitel after the marriage.Therefore, with increased demand of sheitel market, Rosa hair has developed unqiue production line for Jewish wig,which produced by high quality of raw hair material from Aisan,European and Russian virgin hair. 

There is a 2 types of hair wig product in China, human hair made and synthetic made. In the geography divided, most synthetic wig are comes from Chinese city,Hebei.And most human hair wigs are comes from Chinese city,Qingdao.Rosa hair as one of the Chinese human hair factory, located in Qingdao has been insisted to provide 100% human hair wig for its clients since from 2008. Until 2020 years, Rosa hair factory has found the niche market of Jeiwsh wig, and after 2 years marketing research,production line upgrade, and skilled worker trained,we start to produce Jewish wig for our clients.

Nowandays,we are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers  and wholesalers of luxury Jewish wigs. Our sales team and skilled worker has more than 100 people in total.Until this year, our Jewish wig has majorly export to USA and European countires.

With strictly quality control, we can make sure that our clients can get our product timely with good quality. Our sales team can also provide professional pre and after sales to our clients.  


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